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SUBWAY SURFER is one of the best endless runner mobile game. KILOO Games and SYBO Games are Denmark based private companies. Together they developed this amazing game name 'Subway Surfers'. Currently, it is played on Android, iOS, Kindle, and Windows Phone platforms. So it would be a good decision to get a SUBWAY SURFER CLONE.

Jack is the name of a teenage hooligan character using whom the players play the game. The scene is at a metro railway site, where 'Jack' is caught for applying graffiti. Now, Jack has to run down the tracks in order to escape from the Inspector and his dog. Followed by the other interesting parts of the game where the hooligan grabs the gold coins out of the air & that too while running & dodging obstacles. These obstacles are railway cars and other objects the hooligan can jump on top of the trains to evade from being captured.

Fact: It received quite good reviews and it has an average score of 4.5 out of 5 which happens to be very good.

Subway Surfers Clone

Why Subway Surfers Clone?

Why Subway Surfers Clone?

Now comes the question why clone a subway surfer game? Once you get to know about the most liked game which is Subway Surfer. You take the decision to develop or create a similar game. So if a game is efficiently cloned it can result in a high revenue-generating source for you.

By now you must have a thought of whether to get Subway Surfer Clone or not? if yes! Then we are ready to serve you with the best Subway Surfer Clone game. Later our expert game developers will do modifications accordance with your requirements.

Our Subway Surfer Clone offers:

Support for OS X, Windows, iOS, Android, and Web
Numerous distinct obstacles
Simple Swipe controls for playing
In-App Purchase Implemented
Background music & Gameplay sounds
High Mobile optimization
High FPS (Frame Per Second)

BENEFITS of getting this Subway Surfer cloned rather than develop from scratch:

Cloning Saves time
Needs less programming skills
Specific Level Customization
Easy & Simple to re-skin
Accurate requirements & proper documentation
Simple up-gradation
Becomes a Revenue Resource


Subway Surfer Clone - Flash Screen
Subway Surfer Clone - Game Screen
Subway Surfer Clone - Game Screen 2
Subway Surfer Clone - Game Screen 3
Subway Surfer Clone - Game Screen 4
Subway Surfer Clone - Game Screen 5


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