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Jwalant Desai
By: Jwalant Desai

What is Hyperledger and what are its benefits?

Hyperledger is one of the significant development in recent times in field of Blockchain. It is an open source, collaborative effort across the industry to develop various functionalities of Blockchain. There are various projects being developed under the umbrella of Hyperledger. Although it is being developed by The Linux Foundation, it is also supported by many industry leading corporates in Finance, Manufacturing, Internet of things, Supply...
Pratik Jain
By: Pratik Jain

What is Swarm and what is it used for? And what is Swarm's relationship with Whisper?

Both Swarm and Whisper are complementary technologies contributing to the vision of Ethereum as a "world computer". When imagining Ethereum as a metaphor for a shared computer, it should be noted that computation alone is not enough. For a computer to be fully useful, it also needs storage to "remember" things and bandwidth to "communicate" them. This could be summarised as such: Contracts: decentralized logic Swarm: decentralized...