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'Candy Crush' a name heard by all & a game played by all. Candy crush game proves to be the best game. It was released in 2012 and also won the title of Game of the Year.

Let us discuss cloning, the process of developing a game similar to an existing game but with a bit of modification is referred to as cloning. For example, you can do some analysis to know that there exists a game named Candy Crush & games like Candy Crush which is being played & appreciated very well. You can hire us for developing a similar game or we can say clone of Candy Crush which will contain different graphics & name with accordance to your requirements.

Candy Crush Clone

Why Candy Crush Clone?

Why Candy Crush Clone?

And why clone app? As you already have an idea about the most played game you can create a clone & trust me users are always in search of something new so they download. So if developed & cloned an app effectively, it can prove to be a revenue generating source to you.

So let us help you a clone app in your name. Later this will be refined by our expert App developers according to your requirements.

We develop the best clone apps which are then applicable for promotion and marketing. Moreover, our clone games & clone apps help you generate high revenues which results in being a good ROI (Return on Investment).

Cloning a Candy Crush App includes:

Editing LEVEL
Cloud Storage of Player's progress
IAP (In-App Purchase) editor
POPUP editor
GUI (Graphical User Interface)
Advertisement Controller
Facebook Integration

FEATURES & BENEFITS of getting an App cloned:

Time savvy development
Takes very less programming skills
Customization at each level
Simple to re-skin
Accurate requirements & documentation
Easy up-gradation
Revenue Generation


Candy Crush Clone - Flash Screen
Candy Crush Clone - Game Screen
Candy Crush Clone - Game Screen 1
Candy Crush Clone - Game Screen 1
Candy Crush Clone - Game Screen 1
Candy Crush Clone - Game Screen 1


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