What are the new features in Laravel 5.5 Framework?
Rahul Chauhan
By: Rahul Chauhan


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In this article, I will cover the new features added with the release of Laravel version 5.5.

Laravel 5.5 was launched on August 30, 2017, and is the latest & most stable version of Laravel Framework. It is a big success as most of the Laravel Development Companies have adopted the new version and enjoying developing in Laravel 5.5.

Let's discuss further PHP 7.0+. To work with Laravel 5.5 we will need PHP 7.0+. PHP 7 has been launched with not just developer features but with some extended features such as speed improvements which decrease half of the CPU load. This upgrade is definitely worth getting. And if you are already working with Laravel 5 then it becomes easier for you to upgrade to this PHP version.

Following are the features listed:

- The Return of WHOOPS!

An error handler framework in PHP that came pre-installed in Laravel 4 is referred to as WHOOPS.  WHOOPS was removed with the release of Laravel 5.0. An announcement about returning of WHOOPS was made with the release of Laravel 5.5.

If you can recall & if you have been working with Laravel since some years then you must be knowing that in Laravel v4 we had a package named filp/Whoops. Filp/Whoops package provided neat stack traces to your most complex & frustrated debugging scenarios.

The WHOOPS package has returned with the launch of Laravel 5.5.

It is pre-installed with Laravel 5.5 framework. Whoops is a savior when we get to deal with errors. It displays errors & exceptions so neat & elegant, that it seems a little less annoying to deal with them. 

In the image, we can see lines of the file in which errors or exceptions occurred are displayed and it traces back the operation till its origination. One more important point is that Laravel 5.5 has zero dependencies.

- Email Themes:

Laravel 5.5 has an additional capability of specifying a custom theme directly to the Mailable classes. To create a CSS style-sheet you can use the following steps:

touch resources/views/vendor/mail/html/themes/batman.css

And then specify this file's name as an attribute in the Mailable class.

class SendInvoice extends Mailable


    protected $theme = 'batman';



- Fresh Migrations

Laravel 5.5 added another Artisan command to the migrate: namespace. This Artisan command is similar to migrate:refresh but instead of rolling back your existing migrations, this command drops all tables and migrates those tables from start. There is a contrast between dropping tables and rolling back migrations, where rolling back migrations run the drop method for each of them. Whilst, the migrate:fresh command simply drops off all the tables and starts from scratch.

- Automatic Package Discovery

In Laravel version 5.4  & the older versions, in order to pull a Laravel package, it required adding aliases & registering its service providers.

But with the release of Laravel 5.5 packages automatically register service providers & add aliases through the package's composer.json file.

- Design Improvement in Error Pages: 

Laravel 5.5 launch added many features, one of which is the design of error pages such as 404 or 50* error pages. The new design additions contain Flexbox getting the error message centered on the page.

Before Laravel 5.5:

In Laravel 5.5:

- Laravel 5.5 LTS - Long-term Support

Just like the previous version, Laravel 5.1 LTS this version of new Laravel also consists of a better LTS. Like the previous version, Laravel 5.5 LTS will include two years of bug fixes and three years of security updates.

If you are not familiar with LTS then LTS stands for Long-term Support. LTS are special versions which are feature equipped at the date of release.

The LTS versions don't come up with new features but they do get bug fixes and security updates throughout the maintenance phase.

I hope this article helps you get a clear picture about Laravel's new features with the release of version 5.5. 

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