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A Finnish based company prominently known as Rovio Entertainment has taken the privilege in the development of an amazing game named 'The Angry Birds'.

Before knowing the benefits of cloning you should know what is app cloning or Game cloning, the development of a game which happens to be exactly the same in terms of functionality but we then make changes according to the user requirements can be referred to as cloning. Let us take Angry Birds for example. Make sure you do your research & analysis before fixing upon any game for cloning. Else getting Angry Birds Clone can prove out to be an effective choice. You can hire us anytime for developing an exact same game or we can say a clone of Angry Birds which will be developed using different graphics & name according to your requirements.

Angry Bird Clone

Why Angry Bird Clone?

Why Candy Crush Clone?

Now comes the question why clone an app or why clone a game? Once you get to know about the most liked game or most used app.

You decide to develop or get a similar app or game developed by someone. So if an app or game is efficiently cloned it can result in a high revenue-generating source for you.

Angry Birds is a series, whose first series was launched & released in December 2009 for Apple Store (iOS). Later, the Rovio company released the game for the remaining smartphone operating systems such as Android, Symbian and Windows Phone.

Fact: Angry Birds has been downloaded more than 3 billion times across all platforms. By now you must have thought of some apps you wish to clone, if yes! Then we are waiting to hear from you. Let us do Angry Birds clone if you wish to get it done. Later our expert app developers will make modifications accordance with your requirements.

Features of getting an Angry Birds Seasons Clone

Menu System
Season Select Setting
Level Select Setting
Easy Level Customization
Every Object in Map as Prefab
Replace Texture with Ease
Numerous Custom Particles


Angry Birds Clone - Flash Screen
Angry Birds Clone - Game Screen 1
Angry Birds Clone - Game Screen 2
Angry Birds Clone - Game Screen 3
Angry Birds Clone - Game Screen 4
Angry Birds Clone - Game Screen 5


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